Give your guests a late night boost at your wedding reception or an early morning boost at your brunch gathering with the 70-cup coffee maker. Pair with our professional coffee caddy to bring organization to your coffee station and our café white classic coffee mugs for an ecofriendly alternative to styrofoam. Add coffee grounds and you're all set (coffee not included)!


Full instructions:

General Information

- Coarsely ground coffee is most suitable for this appliance.

- Never immerse the appliance in water

- Never switch on the appliance if there is no water in the tank

- Always use the appliance on a dry, level, heat resisting surface, away from any edge.

How to Brew:

1) Rinse filter and filter basket, filter cover, percolator pipe, and inside of tank. Do not use water spray to clean and do not allow the outside of appliance to be exposed to water.

2) Place the grate in the tank.

3) Plug in the appliance to a grounded socket.

4) Fill tank with COLD water in accordance with the amount of coffee required (70 cups max capacity).

5) Seal filter basket by attaching cover, then place the percolator pipe and filter basket in tank. Be sure that the foot of the pipe is positioned firmly on the cavity of the base.

6) Replace the top cover of the appliacne.

7) Switch the appliance to the ON position (the switch should illuminate).

8) When green light appears, coffee is ready . 


Plain water may be heated for instant beverages (such as tea)


Unplug the appliance when less than 3 cups of water or coffee remain. 

Applicance must be thoroughly cleaned before being returned. Additional charges will apply to dirty returns. See step 1 for cleaning instructions. 



70 Cup Coffee Maker (Stainless Steel)

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